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No sharing videos for Turkey users today

According to reports which are being confirmed with the Twitter stream, popular video streaming site Vimeo is being blocked in Turkey. We aren’t sure why they’re being banned yet but it may be from a “copyright infringement or a offending video” its also reported that if Vimeo contacts the Turkish goverment and removes whatever is offending them then the site could be unblocked within 1-10 days. You are probably wondering why we are writing about this. Vimeo, being the moderately large site it is is common to share videos on Twitter and is even automated. Those videos or sharing feature itself will no longer work for Twitter users. A handful of Shoutitout users in turkey also report videos that have been embedded on Shoutitout from Vimeo and already blocked Youtube have stopped showing and are just showing a gray box. We will update you if and when we get more information.


Shoutitout might be on a list that might get made to have a movie if The Social Network goes

Shoutitout might be one of a few sites on a list to make a movie about IF and only if The Social Network does good. If the social network does good (according to our sources) Shoutitout, Myspace, Youtube, and Friendfeed are on a list that will be written if it does well. The reason Shoutitout is on the list is because its founders were 13 at the time of the launch (14 now) and live about 8 hours from each other. The site now has over 6 million Shouts, 200 members, 20,000 photos uploaded, 500 Check-ins and many more stats that we just don’t have room for. Myspace is on the list because it used to dominate the social networking world then slowly lost its control to Facebook and recently Twitter. Friendfeed is on the list because it was doing great a great app growing, then the social dominator bought it and in crashed to the ground. Lastly, Youtube is on there because first of all one of its founders, added advertisements, and sold it to Google without asking the other. There is a parody trailer out for Youtube already here:

This is the Myspace Parody trailer:


Linkedin collides with Twitter

Linkedin has announced the launch of a new product LinkedIn Signal. The product pretty much joins LinkedIn and Twitter updates into one news feed. LinkedIn Signal pulls updates from your LinkedIn account and whichever (if you are) Twitter connected account into a Facebook like feed. Signal has a bunch of features and filters its pretty much to help businessmen run there LinkedIn accounts and see whats up on Twitter without have to constantly check both sites. People can literally do something like only show updates for “last nights part at the movies that we got kicked out and banned for” if they really wanted to. You can even get more specific than that by only following specific topics, you search them and they’re added is a tab in the left navigation. At the same time they’re launching a “trending links” section. You can even drill it down to who shared this link its an extremely specific filter.

Twaol and AOL Tech are my favorite names, AOL goes on shopping spree

Well, its official AOL still has enough money to go on a shopping spree. Both Thing Labs and Techcrunch have announced they’ve sold themselfs to AOL. Thing Labs is a start up for a social app start the freshman project being Brizzly the somewhat popular Twitter and Facebook web client.  Brizzly never fought ag Tweetdeck or Seesmic because it was never large enough but that just makes it more of a target for AOL who has had trouble with social apps and seems to like to by 2ndish apps to try to take on the competition. They then usual kill the talent and user base thus crawling more attention to there apps like AOL Lifestream. If you remember AOL Lifestream was originally SocialThing! a Friendfeed competitor which was then spun off as AOL Lifestream at the end of 2009. They also aquired Bebo in 2008 launched lifestream then Bebo flopped and they ended up selling it earlier this year. We can’t predict what will happen to Techcrunch but our guess is it will lose popularity and be a simulated into Engadget or be made something like AOL Tech. WE don’t know how much Thing Labs was aquired for but Techcrunch according to our sources was somewhere between 25 and 40 million. You can see the announcement by Techcrunch here. So who is AOLs target now?

Twitter tops Myspace

Today Twitter topped Myspace in unique visitors per month. Although it is the 2nd or 3rd debatably biggest social networking site it is the 50th overall site on the web according to ComScore. Between August 2009 and August 2010 Twitter grew 76% will Myspace dropped 17%. Even though this is like Apples and Oranges its still showing that Myspace is going down the drain. Facebook still dominated though it only grew 54% it has almost 600 million monthly visitors. Windows live is the 2nd (or 3rd) with 140 visitors which puts it closer to Twitter than Facebook (uh oh). Twitter is using this growth to launch a new version and launch promoted accounts. The lower half of the social networking world is getting very competitive. Shoutitout is holding on a steady line with around 18 thousand visitors and youare.com with about 14 thousand trying to top them. Cliqset has pretty much made a hump dropping even lower while Jaiku has grown slightly (surprisingly). Friendfeed also seems to be sloowwllly (almost like Myspace) dropping still holding itself in the 400,000s.

Twitter to launch promoted accounts

Twitter is getting ready to launch promoted accounts tomorrow at the |AB conference tomorrow. According to sources businessmen can pay to be included in the “who to follow” feature (which is going to be a pain in the a$$). The plan for promoted accounts we leaked a few months ago but was highly debated. Clearly, with promoted tweets gathering over 100,000$, the site has decided to go forward with the idea. There going to make sure they don’t piss you off like if you are a loyal member of PETA they want tell you you should follow Tyson Foods. We have emailed Twitter for more information but will be at the conference and will talk about the feature once we get back to our hotel and stuff.

Dailybooth launches an API

Dailybooth the photo sharing site similar to Twitter has launched an API. The site recently exploded in popularity with its release of its iPhone app. The point of the API is so 3rd party can develop apps for certain developing systems. They want developers for:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Palm WebOS
  • iPad

They don’t have an offical API site you have to email them (apply@developers.dailybooth.com) if you’re interested. I’m also noticing Dailybooth is having allot of glitches slowness right now not sure whats up if that evolves into something big we’ll keep you updated.

Unless you like sexy goats don’t click the WTFs on Twitter

Either allot of techie people are in on some really… interesting things or there is a rather interesting Twitter worm going around. If you see a tweet saying “I love anal sex with goats” followed by a WTF and a link, don’t click it! If you click it you to will send out these tweets and this is happening on 3rd party sites and on twitter.com. Twitter has posted something on there status blog mentioning  the worm. They’ve also reported they fixed the “perverted bug” and removed the explicit links from the site.

Tweetphoto re launches as Plixi

One of the more popular twitter photo sharing sites, tweetphoto, has relaunched itself as “Plixi.” You know create your own account once you register using a Facebook or Twitter account. You can now create events and connect places to your account as well which has turned into more of a Dailybooth stream using Twitter and Facebook and not its own independent user database even though you do kind of create an account. They also have “thumbs up” and “thumbs” down plus an add to favorites feature. They also tell you from which client (if one is used) it is posted from for example Echofon below the description it will say via Echofon. They’ve redone there API and launched a status as well. No accounts have been deleted but you need to create a Plixi account to get your photos back which will be automatically added once you register using whichever Twitter account was originally connect to Tweetphoto. They’ve also launched a friends feature were you become friends almost like Myspace or Facebook. The site also has a fully fledge iPhone app though we have no word of any other apps they may exist as well.

What downtime is more annoying? (Poll)

Our weekly poll today is about whos downtime is more annoying. Facebook’s, Twitter’s, Friendfeeds or Orkut’s? You vote!

Last weeks results:

1. Twitpic 40% of the votes.

2. Posterous 33.33% of the votes.

3. Tumblr 20% of the votes.

4. Other/None 6.67% of the votes.

View the post here.

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