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Cliqset launches social search

Cliqset is a site that pulls together tons of social networks into one feed and allows you to post from right on the site as well. They have now added one more feature to help connect all your social networks, social search. You can create a tag stream with certain networks now as well for example your Twitter feed not just your Cliqset feed.

The search provides a stream of all the connect social networks to Cliqset which is more than any other similar site has. They also launched http://search.cliqset.com which lets you search Cliqset, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz in a live stream that starts as soon as you search so you cannot get old results from it. They also have a “popular terms” feature that shows you what people are searching for. So this is making me love Cliqset even more!


2 responses to “Cliqset launches social search

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