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Cliqset real-time goes down (back up now)

Cliqset real-time was down for around 30 minutes this morning. Cliqset was quickly to address the issue and update us on Twitter about there status. We believe it might have been caused by there new large live search that has been such a hit so far. Cliqset has pretty good uptime overall much better than Twitter or Shoutitout but has allot of minor bugs all over. There was no reports of anything ells not working on Cliqset at the time but it still wouldn’t suprise me if one of there many services were down. If you have something wrong on Cliqset comment below and we will send a report to them for you! Cliqset has given no information about what caused the problem just that it was down for about 30 minutes. If they do give anymore information then we will update you here as soon as possible.

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