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The VMAs are already causing problems on the internet

The VMAs are as expected causing some minor problems on sites all over. Shoutitout just reported that there trending topics are having some issues loading and Twitter seems a bit sluggish. The Twitter tracker we already told you about, well its glitching up every few minutes already as well. The amount of tweets and Shouts have grown a good bit in the past 10 or 20 minutes so you can tell they are getting closer. There seems to be no problems, so far with capacity on Facebook and Myspace but they aren’t sites you would use to talk about the VMAs Shoutitout and Twitter are and have been advertising them for the past few days so people are defenitly Shouting and Tweeting about them. If issues get worse we will update you as soon as we find out! You can also tell the tweets are increasing from the counter on the tracking site which is going extremely fast at the moment.

[Update]: The awards tracker total tweet counter seems to have broke.


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