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Track the MTV Video awards on Twitter with live tracker

MTV has launched a live Twitter tracker for hashtags related to the MTV Video awards which are tonight at 9PM eastern time. I must admit it is a very cool app. It shows how many tweets there have been about the awards overall since midnight this morning and then has to top 50 celebes’s involved in the awards and how many tweets per second they get. The leaders are #vma with 537 Tweets per minute followed by Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Kayne West but its constantly changing for example a few minutes ago Kesha was up in the top 5. You can also view it in full screen or just view to complete amount of all the tweets which is about 1,600,000 so far but will probably increase in the next few hours as the event gets closer. And by the way we just check back and Kesha is in the top 5 again so it seems to be changing rapidly. The boxes swarming all over the picture are symbolizing every tweet about that person. You can also tweet about a certain person our group and few the tweets right from the same page. It really is a cool application. I would love to see something like this combining all the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Shoutitout. However, I doubt that will happen…. this year.


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