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Live from Twitters “big event”

We will be updating this post live from Twitters event. Rumors say one thing will be multimedia in streams but we can’t even begin to guess what ells they might do.

[Update 1]: Sitting down, they’re playing music still unhatched egg on the screen. The event should start shortly.

[Update 2]: We just got this:

[Update 3]: Sean Garrett just said hello to us!

[Update 4]: Biz Stone just announced “he knows whats behind the egg.”

[Update 5]: Ev is on stage, Biz mentioned Chirp and what Twitter has been up to since then.

[Update 6]: Ev is talking about mobile speed and such. Along with the 140 character limit.

[Update 7]: There talking about how Twitter is growing. Also that they have never done this before.

[Update 8]: Since the beginning of the year Twitter users on mobile are up 250%. Mobile is critical for the future 16% of new users are starting on mobile. There are on average 370,000 new sign ups a day overall.

[Update 9]: “Twitter is a real-time information network.”

[Update 10]:Every individual voice adds value — we had to change from ‘what are you doing?’ to ‘what’s happening?’ What we try to help people understand when they start using Twitter is that you don’t HAVE to tweet. It’s the same as the idea that you don’t have to make a webpage to use the web. There is something on Twitter for everyone.

[Update 11]: Twitter is having technical difficulties with their slides.

[Update 12]: This was before they messed up:

[Update 13]: 25% of tweets contain links, 90 million tweets a day on average.

[Update 14]: They are saying twitter.com is actually the biggest Twitter client and showing some stats.

[Update 15]: Twitter just showed off a video of the new version it looks similar to the iPad app actually.

[Update 16]: Picture of the new Twitter:

[Update 17]: Twitter has made partnerships with 16 sites for pictures and videos including Youtube and Vimeo.

[Update 18]: They have re done the hole profile page to make it more about “you” its launching for some in about 30 minutes it also is an attempt to remove all buttons.

[Update 19]: Its also launching worldwide but slowly. Its allot faster as well.

[Update 20]: Its Q&A Time we aren’t going to posts these.


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