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Twitter is having a “big event” what it is? We don’t know

Some techie media have been invited to Twitter at around 7PM eastern time tonight for a “big event.” We are one of them because we are on the other side of the bay. There staff have been tweeting like crazy (pictures below) about sleep because of a big day “tomorrow” (today). Twitter isn’t hinting much but our guesses or something with instant. Someone at Techmeme noticed some tweets on Google.com (picture below as well) so it might be something with them, or he has a plugin on he didn’t notice. Lots of Twitter users have been tweets links to a Redwriteweb article guessing what it is, if thats write we can’t be sure or if they are throwing something wrong out there. We will keep you updated as soon as info comes out!

[Update]: Rumors have it that it is going to be for multimedia in there streams. We aren’t however sure.


2 responses to “Twitter is having a “big event” what it is? We don’t know

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