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Can the status wars be stopped before they start?

We have mentioned along with tons of other news blogs the lawsuit threats between Shoutitout and Myspace, despite the rumors Shoutitout hasn’t officially sued Myspace yet, them and there lawyers will meet sometimes Sunday afternoon to talk, if they can’t come to an agreement then, the suit will begin and it will kick off what is being called the “Status Wars.” There starting with Myspace and Shoutitout but if Shoutitout wins they will continue to drill sites with similar suits assuming they don’t get involved in the suit to try and work with Myspace to stop them from getting pounded, sites like Facebook. Facebook isn’t quite as similar to the Shoutitout status update but has obvious similarities. Myspace i’m pretty sure will lose this suit with in a year (or surrender) just because there layouts are almost exactly the same and Myspace changed theres after Shoutitout got the patent which was originally intended for Facebook if they started launching there guns at each other. Other companies that might get involved could be AOL Lifestream getting hit with the suit though they are probably the most different. They will probably sue Friendfeed which is actually sueing Facebook and may sue Cliqset as well + Lifestream.fm and Mixpod are similar as well but don’t forget Cliqset and Mixpod are partners with Shoutitout so they might slip out, we will see and keep you updated on the status wars.


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