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Do you like Posterous, Tumblr, or Twitpic to share on Twitter? (Poll)

Do you prefer Twitpic, Posterous, or Tumblr to share your photo and stuff on twitter? These has been todays biggest news along with Cuil possible closing down, but thats not our category. Which do you prefer? Tumblr has tons of ways to post and is growing rapidly, Posterous is growing and expanding fast also allowing sharing on more than just Twitter, and Twitpic is Twitpic focused all on photos. Posterous has had allot of issues recently while Twitpic and Posterous have been holding up pretty well. We have someone here with all 3 of the accounts. Our Twitpic master loves there recent feature launches and is happy to be using Twitpic. Our tumblr man isn’t a twitterer but likes the site. Its kind of hard to post sometimes but not all the time. Our Posterous user loves to use the site and share things randomly out. Shoutitout, Twitter, Flickr, etc… which do you prefer? Results from last weeks poll are below the poll.

Last weeks Results:

1. Shoutitout 46.88% of the votes.

2. Twitter got 25% of the votes.

3. Facebook got 21.88% of the votes.

4. Other/None got 6.25% of the votes

Views the post here.


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