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Posterous attacks Twitpic… again

Posterous has launched/re launched a Twitpic importer. They did this a few months ago and Twitpic threated to bring out the lawyers. We don’t know what exactly happened after that but we are guessing they came to some kind of deal recently and Posterous gets to re launch this feature. Posterous enjoys comparing them self to Twitpic and others. Posterous is really announcing there ability to forward to Twitter and Facebook which some people like (they also forward to Shoutitout and many others) and some people are getting made and making Posterous posts about how there made at Posterous, which i’m sure Posterous doesn’t really care because none of theme go to something like Tumblr probably there biggest competitor. I really think they need a Tumblr import because they even though they don’t admit it are going at each other and right now with over 1,000,000,000 posts (so many there counter doesn’t work) they are huge, and still growing.


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