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Is it me or are Friendfeed and Facebook down?

It might just be me because Down For Everyone Or Just Me says they’re up, but i’m getting the Oops Google Chrome couldn’t connect etc etc page for both. I can load Twitter, Shoutitout, and WordPress fine so its not my internet or anything. There favicons show up but nothing ells does. It might be a local problem but i’m not sure its just weird. Is anyone ells having these problems because if Facebook and Friendfeed are down it could be a major Facebook problem, since Facebook owns Friendfeed. The problem appears to be that they can’t connect. I’ve just txted 3 people asking them if they’re having the problems with Facebook but not Friendfeed because no one uses Friendfeed anymore. So comment if your having these problems!

[Update] Confirmed, both sites are down. We will keep you updated!


3 responses to “Is it me or are Friendfeed and Facebook down?

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