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Tweetphoto re launches as Plixi

One of the more popular twitter photo sharing sites, tweetphoto, has relaunched itself as “Plixi.” You know create your own account once you register using a Facebook or Twitter account. You can now create events and connect places to your account as well which has turned into more of a Dailybooth stream using Twitter and Facebook and not its own independent user database even though you do kind of create an account. They also have “thumbs up” and “thumbs” down plus an add to favorites feature. They also tell you from which client (if one is used) it is posted from for example Echofon below the description it will say via Echofon. They’ve redone there API and launched a status as well. No accounts have been deleted but you need to create a Plixi account to get your photos back which will be automatically added once you register using whichever Twitter account was originally connect to Tweetphoto. They’ve also launched a friends feature were you become friends almost like Myspace or Facebook. The site also has a fully fledge iPhone app though we have no word of any other apps they may exist as well.


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