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Twaol and AOL Tech are my favorite names, AOL goes on shopping spree

Well, its official AOL still has enough money to go on a shopping spree. Both Thing Labs and Techcrunch have announced they’ve sold themselfs to AOL. Thing Labs is a start up for a social app start the freshman project being Brizzly the somewhat popular Twitter and Facebook web client.  Brizzly never fought ag Tweetdeck or Seesmic because it was never large enough but that just makes it more of a target for AOL who has had trouble with social apps and seems to like to by 2ndish apps to try to take on the competition. They then usual kill the talent and user base thus crawling more attention to there apps like AOL Lifestream. If you remember AOL Lifestream was originally SocialThing! a Friendfeed competitor which was then spun off as AOL Lifestream at the end of 2009. They also aquired Bebo in 2008 launched lifestream then Bebo flopped and they ended up selling it earlier this year. We can’t predict what will happen to Techcrunch but our guess is it will lose popularity and be a simulated into Engadget or be made something like AOL Tech. WE don’t know how much Thing Labs was aquired for but Techcrunch according to our sources was somewhere between 25 and 40 million. You can see the announcement by Techcrunch here. So who is AOLs target now?


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