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Shoutitout might be on a list that might get made to have a movie if The Social Network goes

Shoutitout might be one of a few sites on a list to make a movie about IF and only if The Social Network does good. If the social network does good (according to our sources) Shoutitout, Myspace, Youtube, and Friendfeed are on a list that will be written if it does well. The reason Shoutitout is on the list is because its founders were 13 at the time of the launch (14 now) and live about 8 hours from each other. The site now has over 6 million Shouts, 200 members, 20,000 photos uploaded, 500 Check-ins and many more stats that we just don’t have room for. Myspace is on the list because it used to dominate the social networking world then slowly lost its control to Facebook and recently Twitter. Friendfeed is on the list because it was doing great a great app growing, then the social dominator bought it and in crashed to the ground. Lastly, Youtube is on there because first of all one of its founders, added advertisements, and sold it to Google without asking the other. There is a parody trailer out for Youtube already here:

This is the Myspace Parody trailer:



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