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Twitter growing like crazy

Twitter seems to be growing like weeds, we aren’t sure Shoutitout or anyone can catch up and we think it might pass Facebook… in a few years. Twitter released a few stats today like the fact that it has 175 million registered users, which is about 70 million more from the last time we heard how many Twitter members Twitter has (at the Chirp conference) last April, when they had 145 million registered users. This is impressive growth since Twitter had 58 million users last year and 503,000 3 years ago. At the rate to company is growing Twitter could be welcoming the new year with the 200 million members milestone.


I’m using bu.tt right now!

We just got a notice on a new URL shorterner with quite the catchy name Bu.tt. This URL shorterner just launched an the owner John McKinnon says it “kicks it.” So if you think bit.ly or Tinyurl or whatever you use is to serious this is for you. It can also get people to click your links because think about, people are going to notice this kind of link. It also has the same features as the big boys (the popular link shortener), so go give it a whirl. And yes we did use Bu.tt to share this post.

Is Shoutitout testing likes on comments?

Today we noticed that there was a like on a comment on Shoutitout. The comment is posted by @willy the like by @ Mackenzie. We aren’t sure if this is a test, glitch, bug, or what it is. We have emailed Shoutitout to ask them, no response yet. Our best guess is they are testing this feature as Facebook launched something similar around a month ago. The Shoutitout like button has started to get some popularity, it launched with version two back in February. If we get more information we will update this post.

Twitter for windows phone is here

Twitter has just announced and launched an app for Windows phone 7. It has been made accessible to all users already. The app reportedly is extremely fast and gives you all the features expected from this kind of app. The windows phone 7 apps seem to be very nice though none of us here have the phone yet. It brings out the location part of Twitter and has advanced scrolling from one list of users to something like a timeline.

Ever since the acquisition’s of Tweetie, Twitter has been rolling out new mobile apps.

The new Myspace solved legal problems

Today we got leaked allot of information. First off Myspace is going to relaunch as the “new Myspace.” Secondly the Status wars as we have called them are paused for now, Myspace will change the look of there status box and give Shoutitout so advertising while Shoutitout will drop charges. The agreement isn’t out in words yet but we are pretty sure this will solve the problems between Shoutitout and Myspace which means Shoutitout will be after someone ells. Who? We don’t know yet but if we had to guess we would say Friendfeed and Facebook, or maybe Cliqset depending. Cliqset and Shoutitout have a join project running so we don’t think it will be them. The new Twitter box could also be considered a knock off, we will see how it goes meanwhile a quick preview of the new Myspace:

and here is the new logo:


Twitter hits 300 employees

The Twitter staff has doubled since February announcing this afternoon they’ve hit 300 employees. Twitter is still small compared to web companies like Facebook with around 1,700 employees and Groupon pushing towards 1,000. Twitter is still highering and you can also follow @jointheflock.

Twitterrific 4 for Mac sneak peak

Twitterrific is about to launch Version 4 for the Mac. Twitterrific was not only one of the first Twitter clients for Mac, it was on of the first Twitter clients period. While the iPhone and iPad apps are more popular it hasn’t forgot its original “nest,” the Mac. The owners, Iconfactory posted an update announcing that this app “is going to be great.” There is no official release date but you will need Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard to operate it because of its features. As you can see it looks like there iPhone and iPad apps which is a great thing because they probably have one of if not the best mobile Twitter apps. They have also added Shoutitout support.

Who’s next? Myspace leaked personal data to

Last week it was discovered that some Facebook apps were leaking personal data to 3rd party companies. Now we’ve gotten a report that the same thing has happened with Myspace but this kind of thing could happen to almost any social network. Myspace has tried to be a site with better privacy by doing things like switching there default to “friends only” since users complained about Facebook giving to much info out in the “friends of friends” feature. According to the report we received when a user clicked an ad Myspace sent the users number to the advertising company. This didn’t expose the user who clicked it, but the friend of the user. Twitter, Foursquare, and Shoutitout don’t seem to have this problem but Twitter and Foursquare to advertise and Shoutitout’s advertising in limited. If we receive a tip that one of these sites has leaked privet data we will inform you.

Tumblr for Android is awesome

This is random but Tumblr for Android is awesome. Tumblr for Android brings out most of Tumblrs features are included it has a nice design and is free. In includes all kinds of posting included on the actualy Tumblr.com. If you haven’t noticed we have been writing about Tumblr and Posterous allot recently, these sites are starting to grow as shown in this graph:

the app has the usual dashboard and posting options. You can also even reblog posts which isn’t on the iPhone app… yet. Here are a few previews.

New Twitter ditched people

The new Twitter interface which just rolled out to everyone has disappeared for some people. Some users (not me) are being showed the old version, Twitter hasn’t mentioned this issue but did post on there status blog they were running a database maintenance which may cause elevated errors. We have contacted Twitter for more information and will update you when we get more info.

[Update]: Twitter tells us that the problem has been solved!

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