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Foursquare down, doesn’t matter so is Twitter.

Foursquare is down at the moment, its been down for a while now, and it doesn’t matter. Why? because Twitters API is down and most people only check-in so there followers on Twitter can see where they are. We aren’t exactly sure but Foursquares downtime has something to do with there servers. Twitter isn’t giving much other than there usual bear minimum already know information. Facebook was down just a few weeks ago (along with friendfeed) and Twitter no more than a month ago and earlier today. The only site holding its self up right now seems to be… Shoutitout. Shoutitout didn’t have a second of un planned downtime last month and did have 15 minutes October 1st but besides that has been sound. A few months ago Shoutitout was in the dumps with major growth causing uptime problems. They did a memory upgrade last month and now everything seems to be working like a charm. I have gotten a few more 500 error pages but only a few so nothing major there and they did have the image server failer a few days ago but besides that all thats down on Shoutitout is Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare connect (one of Shoutitout’s best but most unnoticed features). This comes right back to this downtime question poll we did 2 weeks ago. I’m starting to like Shoutitout better than Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook now after all it drags them all into one anyway.

[Update]: Twitters API is back up.

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