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If I would have known about it, I would have used it

Well, today I found about a site called 12seconds.tv. The site created back in 2008 it pretty much like Twitter but is 12 seconds of video not 140 characters. I promise I would have used it, and am signing up RIGHT NOW if I would have known about it earlier because I think its a great idea. The site however announced today it is shutting down October 22nd. The site is packed with features and I love the layout so its ashame its closing down. The shut down probably has something to do with AOL who most of the team has moved to, and also Ebay were a few have gone as well. The site has badges and was testing special deals with companies, it also had a search and you could embed and share videos on almost any site. We aren’t exactly sure what caused the shut down other than they’re “moving on to better things” and the usual stuff. If we find out we will update you. This is the video about the launch:

what is 12seconds? on 12seconds.tv


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