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Dlvrit now works for Shoutitout

Dlvrit the pretty much only competitor of Twitterfeed now works for Shoutitout, why? Probably because twitterfeed works for Shoutitout. The company just announced it uses a bot to Shout threw your account (aka from web) a link to the post plus the title like it does on identica but not like it does on Twitter. It does feed to more sites than twitterfeed does but according to Compete and Alexa twitterfeed is allot bigger. They seem to grow and shrink at about the same pace every month thus staying the same in there separation. Dlvrit also offers analytics another reason why its actually allot bigger than twitterfeed. We will see if this effects what seems to be an unstoppable growth of Twitterfeed on Shoutitout. This video explains Dlvrit:


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