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AOL in talks with Yahoo!

We have heard from sources that AOL and a handful of venture capital firms. Silver Lake Partners and Blackstone group are rumored to be in on the talks. Rumors that the companies have been talking merge have been floating around for a few days but neither company would make an official statement. Yahoo! personal have not yet been involved in the talks because Yahoo! may never be formability approached with an offer. Yahoo! instituted the “poison pill” back during it apex in 2001 to prevent a hostile take over which became very possible two years ago when Microsoft offered to by the company, Yahoo! also later said they would have taken the deal had they had the option now. You are probably asking how this effects microblogging. AOL is strong in social media and Yahoo! is trying to be. We aren’t sure what would happen with things like Bing hosting Yahoo! search (Google assists with AOLs) we will keep you update in different posts.


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