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Who’s next? Myspace leaked personal data to

Last week it was discovered that some Facebook apps were leaking personal data to 3rd party companies. Now we’ve gotten a report that the same thing has happened with Myspace but this kind of thing could happen to almost any social network. Myspace has tried to be a site with better privacy by doing things like switching there default to “friends only” since users complained about Facebook giving to much info out in the “friends of friends” feature. According to the report we received when a user clicked an ad Myspace sent the users number to the advertising company. This didn’t expose the user who clicked it, but the friend of the user. Twitter, Foursquare, and Shoutitout don’t seem to have this problem but Twitter and Foursquare to advertise and Shoutitout’s advertising in limited. If we receive a tip that one of these sites has leaked privet data we will inform you.

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