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The new Myspace solved legal problems

Today we got leaked allot of information. First off Myspace is going to relaunch as the “new Myspace.” Secondly the Status wars as we have called them are paused for now, Myspace will change the look of there status box and give Shoutitout so advertising while Shoutitout will drop charges. The agreement isn’t out in words yet but we are pretty sure this will solve the problems between Shoutitout and Myspace which means Shoutitout will be after someone ells. Who? We don’t know yet but if we had to guess we would say Friendfeed and Facebook, or maybe Cliqset depending. Cliqset and Shoutitout have a join project running so we don’t think it will be them. The new Twitter box could also be considered a knock off, we will see how it goes meanwhile a quick preview of the new Myspace:

and here is the new logo:



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