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Tumblr won the battle, but the war has just begun

[Update]: Tumblr is down, probably because of 4chan.

We were surfing 4chan and tumblr today (and went threw allot of porn doing it) and while looking threw 4chan discovered that they are planning another attack at 5pm eastern time on Wednesday. We still are yet to discover why 4chan has randomly decided to declare war on tumblr but are sure tumblr is prepared for the worst. Tumblr has already banned the accounts involved in the tumblr counterattack but we are sure there will be another one. This attack is the same as the last kind. We will keep you updated.

How to avoid this war.

  • Change your password, make it a difficult one.
  • Don’t post on either site in till a cease fire is called.
  • Don’t fallow ANY links on either site, it may lead to a hacking page.


Tumblr just reverse hacked 4chan

A few days ago a hack movement started on 4ch

an were used vowed to hack tumblr using a DDOS attack. Well, 4chan is currently down and tumblr could be behind it. The DDOS attack was supposed to take place at around the same time 4chan went down. Tumblr users had been planning a counter attack which may have b

een what happened here. Tumblr is reportedly having some issues but nothing major, meanwhile the 4chan boards are back up but are under attack by tumblr users. We will keep you updated.

[Update]: Tumblr founder David Karp:

As always, we’re aggressively suspending any accounts encouraging DoS attacks or other illegal behavior.

[Update 2]: 4chan is currently trending on Twitter, mostly negative.

[Update 3]: As far as we can tell from tweets, and actually visiting the site both sites are still having problems. We think that 4chan has launched a counter, counter attack.

Dailybooth launches ” Dailybooth Calendar” shows hints of API

Day 233: Meetupphoto © 2010 Jason S | more info (via: Wylio)Dailybooth has just officially announced something called Boothcalender or Dailybooth Calender. The idea is everyone will take a day and post a picture they posted to Dailybooth that is important about that day (birthday, holiday, party, so on). This is pretty cool but something ells I noticed is it says “sign in with Dailybooth” in a button somewhat like the well know API connect buttons then takes you to an ouath page. This hints at a Dailybooth api. We mentioned a few months ago Dailybooth was looking for developers for mobile applications. Also if you go to a new site that “isn’t completed” Dailybooth hints even more at an API. It is set up JUST like an API would be but isn’t completed. It tells you what kind of API it is but not the URLs and certain codes, etc. The second Dailybooth launches an API we will tell you.

[Update]: Dailybooth had an overload and its late even in California so they’ll re launch the calender tomorrow.

Shoutitout hits 2,500,000 indexed places

Shoutitout has reportedly nailed the 2,500,000 mark in how many places are stored on there network. We aren’t sure how many are on Foursquare and Facebook places our guess would be more than this for Foursquare but about this many for Facebook places (which is still smaller than Shoutitout places by the way). Shoutitout has made improvements to its places feature recently with new ability (that no other site offers) to like certain places, they are also working on (which no one ells also has) the ability to check-in from your mobile web enabled phone.

Foursquare launches friend finder

Foursquare has launched a new feature allowing users to find friends threw Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and via email. If you already have Facebook or Twitter connected then you don’t have to re login. I have tried it out already and it works pretty well. They are also advertising this new feature with a bulletin from the princes. They also are advertising there apps and app gallery. They are also advertising there Twitter, Meetup, Facebook, and Youtube. There also advertising there API and claiming with business claiming venue feature. Pretty much Foursquare member growth has slowed down and they want to speed it up again.

Dailybooth hits 10,000,000 photo uploads

Today Dailybooth the site based on your life in photos, hit 10,000,000 photo uploads. From what we can tell it was around 10PM Pacific time zone. This is a big milestone for the startup. The photo was posted by andrewryno, of course the thumbs up, here. It was his 271st photo. Dailybooth and there staff are obviously celebrating this giant milestone with the mobs of thumbs ups, like I just posted. If I could have gotten the heads up I would have watched it on the live feed like some people did. Next up is probably the 50,000,000 mark. I use Dailybooth, its popularity came from a mass of popular Youtubes who joined, like Shane Dawson, Brittney Taylor, and then theres people like xFawn who is a college student.

Shoutitout launches notifications

Today Shoutitout launched notifications. The feature is a separate tab on the list of feed tabs (all, photo, check-in, @mentions, and now notifications). If you have any notifications it will show a number with how many you have. Once you click the tab then it assumes you read them all or don’t care about the rest. It informs you of when someone likes you shout or comments on a shout you commented on. The idea is based off Facebook notifications but updates faster and of course has its differences. I don’t really like the design but it is impressive speed to update. So far the opinions have been decent, no one bashing them, some people saying they like them. We saw a notifications tab at the bottom of the iPhone app, we were wondering if it would come to the web… now we know!

Posterous overhauls there API

Posterous the microblog-longandvanced-blogwhateveryouwanttocalliting site has added tons of new features to its API. The API originally wasn’t that much and frankly, as far as I know, wasn’t being used by any major services. Today Posterous announced some new major features they’ve added to there API. Posterous has launched a blog to help you threw there new HTTP login token. They’ve also made it easier to control subscriptions and most importantly they have created the ability to allow developers to create blogs, so you can now make blogs from 3rd party clients. Thats something that, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc… doesn’t have at all. The old Posterous API will remain in tact for now but will not be updated.

Shoutitout’s new apps are going to kill Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare…

Shoutitout is about to pretty much combine Facebook and Foursquare together with there own twist in there new apps they previewed today. The apps have the homepage of Fa

cebook with the Shoutitout twist and themes. Then they have offers and an advanced check-in feature. Plus they have included the check-in feature into events making them better than ever. This new approach to mobile wipes Twitter off the board

and threatens Foursquare and Facebook. With a new mobile site around the corner as well, those giant social networks better watch out Shoutitout is taking over the mobile world.

Google launches API console

If you are addicted to Google’s API then this is for you. This new product helps you mange all of Google’s products APIs in one. For example if your running something that lets you post on Google Buzz and a separate project allowing you to view your location with Google Latitude, and are running these on the same Google account, you can login and mange these all on one console.

In other news the Google API announced updates in Custom search and translation. This video explains:

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