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Tumblr just reverse hacked 4chan

A few days ago a hack movement started on 4ch

an were used vowed to hack tumblr using a DDOS attack. Well, 4chan is currently down and tumblr could be behind it. The DDOS attack was supposed to take place at around the same time 4chan went down. Tumblr users had been planning a counter attack which may have b

een what happened here. Tumblr is reportedly having some issues but nothing major, meanwhile the 4chan boards are back up but are under attack by tumblr users. We will keep you updated.

[Update]: Tumblr founder David Karp:

As always, we’re aggressively suspending any accounts encouraging DoS attacks or other illegal behavior.

[Update 2]: 4chan is currently trending on Twitter, mostly negative.

[Update 3]: As far as we can tell from tweets, and actually visiting the site both sites are still having problems. We think that 4chan has launched a counter, counter attack.


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