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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Shoutitout login down

Shoutitout’s login in currently down. When you attempt to login it loads for a long time, then goes to the over capacity page. Shoutitout has reported on its status blog it isn’t sure yet why the site is down but that they are investigating. Shoutitout does go down somewhat often but not for long periods at the time just short 10 minute downtimes. Now this isn’t officially down but it gets most of there users off from the site. Shoutitout has also just updated that they are having internal server issues that seem to be, according the their description, pretty bad so expect an extended downtime here. We have no word on the posting API and if it is up but according to the stream of Shouts twitterfeed is working. Logins from Live.com are down but we don’t know about Twitter, Facebook, and Ning.


Myfaves goes down

Myfaves (or Myfav.es) is a site that lets you pull all your social media resources into one site and it is currently down hard. We don’t know when it went down but it is currently showing a 502 Bad Gateway page which usually means something serious. We have reached out to Myfaves for more information with no response yet. As far as we know Myfaves does not have a Twitter so there is know way we can know if they know about the downtime but we will continue to hunt for some kind of status blog. We will keep you posted! On this post!

Shoutacracy is back, will it ever be as popular?

3rd party start up Shoutacracy has returned with a new poll, best Youtuber. The site launched back in summer with a retail store competition (JcPenny winning). Shoutacracy allows you to vote via a Shout. You pretty much hit the button to pick who you want to vote and in takes you to the Shout page were it will show you what your Shout will say then you just hit Shout. Now people aren’t not voting but back when it first launched everyone was voting, Shoutacracy dominated the trending topics everyone was talking about it. Now people are voting, but its a back conversation. Its only if oh yeah I need to vote kind of thing not a I GOTTA GO VOTE NOW! Shoutacracy lost attention because it was in active for a while it faded out of view and can’t get a lucky popularity spree again. What Shoutacracy needs is an endorsement Shout from an influential account. @willy votes but doesn’t really announce it that much, @ijustine has only voted once, for herself, and @missalissa15 the same. Plus some other popular accounts like @willyacefanpage are yet to Shout this month. Shoutacracy could get so advertisement that might help its popularity.

Facebook blocks (bitly owned) URL shortener J.mp

J.mp the bit.ly owned URL shortener has been blocked from Facebook because “over 70% of j.mp links are spam or malicious. Facebook displays the usual link blocking page. Facebook and bit.ly have had this problem before but with bit.ly being it and it was quickly resolved. Meanwhile Facebook says “they are working with bit.ly to resolve the problem. Bitly uses data from sources such as Phishtank, Google Safe browsing, and Websense to make sure there links are safe. Bitly also brags they have a “huge stream of people and companies” flagging sites that are offending or spamish. You can still use bit.ly to post to Facebook and use your own custom URL shortened service powered by bitly as well.

[Update] J.mp is back after mass amounts of talking between bitly and Facebook.

When is Google Buzz going to get big?

Ok, Google Buzz was “Google finally getting social media right” and “the next big thing” well if thats true, what happened? Google Buzz has a arguable large user database but its not a Facebook or Twitter, its not even the actual size of Shoutitout. Google Buzz was all people could talk about for a month or so, now no one is talking about it. Google Buzz had the potential, just like Google Wave, but Google just doesn’t know how to grow there social media projects. Putting it in Gmail draws attention away from it as well because ONE important email, Google Buzz is out of your mind. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Google Buzz hit the dead pool by 2012.

Tunerfish comes to Android

Comcast’s attempt into social video discovery, Tunerfish has just launched an Android app. The site, run by the Plaxo team. Tunerfish made its debut in June announcing a deal with HBO. The site then in August released its first iPhone app. The Android app is very similar to the iPhone app, like most sites. The app comes with the full armada of features tunerfish.com offers like whats trending among your friends at that time. All though TV check-ins were up 500% from June the site only saw about 600,000 check-ins in October compared to its primary competitor GetGlue which is getting millions a month. However, the Comcast NBC deal could help boost the size of Tunerfish. I find it quite addicting personally and have not tried GetGlue yet.

Twitter down

Twitter is currently down. Issuing the “Technological difficulties”page or the over capacity page. The API appears to be down as well. Now we can’t look at tweets to see whats up but so far some Shouts are mentioning the Twitter downtime. Twitter is normal to go down but ever since the new version launched it has had pretty good uptime. The site is yet to say anything about the downtime but its only been down a short time, we just got on at the right time. We will keep you updated if Twitter makes a comment or if the site comes back up threw this post so stay tuned.

[Update]: Twitter is back up for some, still down for others. There seems to be a problem with the follower counts to.

Twitter acquires team behind Fluther

Twitter has just announced that they have acquired the team behind the question and answer site Fluther. Fluther is like Yahoo! Answers or Quora with the ability to categorize questions for specific people. Just to be clear ONLY the 5 member team behind fluther.com has been acquired NOT Fluther.com itself. Both Twitter and Fluther made statements. Fluther.com plans to stay up and running as a separate product from Twitter. The site will not be as quickly developed as it had been because the teams new focus is on Twitter. So what does Twitter gang by doing this? Search. Twitter is looking to use the feature that splits up the questions on Fluther.com somehow, we aren’t sure yet, we will see. The acquisition of this pacific company makes sense since Biz Stone, Twitter’s co founder, is an advisor to Fluther.

Apparently, AOL loves about.me

Well, About.me almost made our blog with a public launch 4 days ago. Today they have made our blog BECAUSE AOL has already bought them. The sum of money in the acquisition is unknown although sources say it was around 5 million. The Founder, Tony Conrad, sold his last startup to AOL as well. The site, by my opinion, is much better than really its only competitor flavors.me (I have both). AOL is pretty much trying to buy everything that could become popular before it does to have something to combat with Google’s Youtube and Yahoo!’s Flickr. Really we don’t think about.me will grow as big as those but we will see, right now most of the users (according to the “Random” feature) about 8 out of 10 of its users have some type of tech involvement (founders or staff). We will be keeping a closer eye than we were on about.me now though.

Blogger has great uptime Tumblr, not so much

Today a comparing chart between kind of blogging networkss Posterous, tumblr, Typepad, WordPress, and Blogger were released. To start off with Tumblr had flat out awful uptime down an terrible 47.5 hours, about half of that during their around 20 hour downtime a few weeks ago. Posterous had pretty good uptime, they were down for 2.1 hours, we aren’t sure if it includes that 45 minute mantiantace they had. Typepad and WordPress did have downtime but it was barely any as Typepad clocked in with .2 hours, WordPress with .1. Then Blogger the Google owned blog platformed stunned everyone with perfect uptime. Surprised? So were we, but overall Blogger is the best uptime blog platform. This is a chart about the Tumblr downtime over time:

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