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Cliqset has shut down

Cliqset is currently displaying a message overlaying their site that says

“There closed.” We have no idea if they mean for a updates or forever. You can kind of use the site (certain things will work) but it doesn’t do anything. The @cliqset Twitter account also tweeted a picture of the message. ALL of their URLS (Their blog, search, everything) is redirecting back to cliqset.com and showing this same page. =

Cut what we just said we have just gotten word that Cliqset.com is shutting down, forever. This is the second site in this department that has gotten popularity then faded away or just shut down. The only remaining sites anything like this are AOL’s lifestream and Lifestream.fm. I however, do not recommend them they aren’t very creative. Hopefully someone launches another site like this because there is room to grow in this department. We will keep you updated if we get anymore information or a replacement launches!


3 responses to “Cliqset has shut down

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