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Shoutitout will not remove UMG music

We have received word from a Shoutitout representative that it will NOT remove any UMG music on its site. Now past has shown that UMG will probably sue Shoutitout for refusing to take this action but in this case it will be a bit more difficult for UMG to remove ALL the music from Shoutitout. Shoutitout allows users to Shout videos from Youtube (a Shoutitout partner), Vimeo, and Metacafe. Now Youtube has an agreement with both companies so it’s a matter of best interest there. Vimeo will probably side with UMG and block all videos containing UMG content from being played on Shoutitout. Metacafe is the thing here though. They have no deal with either site but have UMG content on their site therefore they don’t have to listen to UMG’s demands. If they do refuse they risk being order to do a similar thing Shoutitout is currently being ordered to. Metacafe is also the smallest of the 3 video sites on Shoutitout. Now that covers the video sites but theirs still the playlist which is arranged in a partnership with Pandora and Mixpod. Now UMG has already been hitting Mixpod with demands to remove their content, but, Pandora has a music liscens therefore can do whatever they want and can walk in to a court room, show their license, and walk out so they will probably side with Shoutitout. So you want to know what we see here? UMG coming in with some music content deal like they have with Vimeo and Youtube, but we will see and cover this store as it unravels.


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