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Shoutitout login down

Shoutitout’s login in currently down. When you attempt to login it loads for a long time, then goes to the over capacity page. Shoutitout has reported on its status blog it isn’t sure yet why the site is down but that they are investigating. Shoutitout does go down somewhat often but not for long periods at the time just short 10 minute downtimes. Now this isn’t officially down but it gets most of there users off from the site. Shoutitout has also just updated that they are having internal server issues that seem to be, according the their description, pretty bad so expect an extended downtime here. We have no word on the posting API and if it is up but according to the stream of Shouts twitterfeed is working. Logins from Live.com are down but we don’t know about Twitter, Facebook, and Ning.

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