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Google launches voice tweet service to help people tweet from Egypt

A group on people from Twitter, Google, and SayNow (which was shut down last week) have built a speak-to-tweet service the weekend to help protesters in Egypt tweet. The service which is already live allows users to call a number and say what they want to be tweeted.

The following numbers can be used:

  • 16504194196
  • 390662207294
  • 97316199855

Tweets threw this service will automatically add the hashtag #egypt.

People can also listen to tweets by dialing the numbers posted above or clicking the links on the @speak2tweet account.


Twitter, Shoutitout, Facebook among those blocked in Egypt and Syria

As you may know Egypt and Syria have gone on major firewalls. Twitter has responded with a blog post Shoutitout has confirmed in a Shout (embedded below) that it is blocked in Egypt but no word about Syria. Facebook is yet to do anything. Both countries have been blocking the entire internet over the last few days and clients working on Shoutitout, Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. Blackberry has also been blocked in Egypt we aren’t sure about Syria. The Twitterverse has all but disapeared from Egypt as you can see in this chart:

The Daily show has also gone to social media to talk about this event as it unfolds. We will keep you updated in different posts.


Confirmed: Shoutitout has been blocked in Egypt.

Orkut turns 7

Orkut the Google owned microblog has just turned 7. The site, though almost unknown in the US, is the leading social network in Brazil and second only to Facebook in India. Orkut in a recent blog post pretty much told its users/viewers how much time and such has been put in it and about 30,000 updates have been put in according to this post. Orkut is pretty much the closest Google has ever come to getting social media right, Orkut was acquired just throwing that out there, because Google Buzz has flopped and Jaiku just want die. Orkut is hanging in there but is not a competitor to Twitter or anyone in the US just in its to dominating countries. Orkut’s US visitors is actually down to a trickle ever since Facebook launched a feature allowing users to look up their Orkut friends on Facebook and publicly promoted it.

Linkedin launches this visualization… thing

LinkedIn has laucnhed InMaps a tool that stunningly visualizes the connections within your work. It can currently only be accessed by Linkedinlabs.com which is LinkedIn labs. InMaps sorts your contacts out by certain categories by were you have worked before or your connections to these places. InMaps also includes some sharing options and creates a landing page with your map on it. It also provides Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter share buttons.

Instagram is about to go mainstream, will they have any competitors?

Instagram is showing all the stuff of a mainstream network. First step: get allot of users. Second step: get brands to use your service. Step three: Get celebrities to use, and promote your service. Step four: Mainstream. Instagram completed Step three when early adopting celeb Snoop Dog joined the service. Instgram’s only competitor is Picplz. Picplz is dominated by Instagram at the moment BUT does have 2 advantages. 1: An API, though in beta, allows 3rd party services to allow posting to the site. Number 2: They have an Android app. Instagram is currently only using iPhone, which is a big market, but Picplz uses both Android and iPhone for their photo posting which gives them and advantage there. So can Picplz stay up to pace with Instagram? What do you think?

Shoutitout hits 500 million places indexed

Shoutitout, which has the largest place database on the web, has just hit the 500,000,000 places index marked. Shoutitout gets its places from Foursquare, Gowalla, Bing Maps, Google maps, and Twitter places. It also allows you to add places strait to it. The united states is clearly the dominating Check-in country with all of the top 5 places in not only the US but North Carolina. India is in a far second. Shoutitout has several badges based around the check-in including the Greenhorn, Showoff, Wanderer, Globetrotter, On Tour, Night Bird, and Megaphone badges. They have also continued to update their places with new icons and update place pages. Also a recently leak revealed that they may be working on place categories.

Postup acquires ubertwitter renames itself to ubermedia

Postup (now UberMedia) must be up to something as it has just acquired its second Twitter client. UberMedia recently acquired Echofon and has now announced it has acquired UberTwitter, the popular iPhone and Blackberry client maker. They have also announced they have changed their name to UberMedia which is the 3rd name change for the site which was originally called Tweetup but then changed its name to Postup when it added Facebook and linked in. the company has a new homepage that states:

UberMedia is the leading independent developer of applications and web-based services that make it easier for users to find, follow and communicate with others on Twitter and other social media platforms. The company is focused on driving innovation in user experiences across a range of online and mobile platforms. UberMedia also provides advertisers and brands with new ways to engage and communicate with consumers via Twitter through its family of apps.

In other words the company wants to run several apps that are complimentary, and in some cases competitive to exactly what Twitter does.

Yesterdays social media football games

Group N:

Hootsuite 14 VS About.me 24

Group O:

Chomp 8 VS Pingfm 28

Pandora 35 VS Cityville 14

Group P:

Bebo 14VS Uhhmm 21

Verizon 35 VS AT&T 21

Twitter getting sued for famous people

Part of Twitter’s success is that fans can connect with famous people, like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, however most of them use it as another marketing source people like Ashton Kutcher, P Diddy, and 50 cent have gave it tons of promotion. Well today a company called VS Technologies is apparently suing Twitter for stealing a a patent allowing people to connect with famous people in a similar manner (Yes we are serious). Patent No. 6,408,309 which states:

As it pertains to this lawsuit, very generally speaking, the ’309 Patent discloses methods and systems for creating interactive, virtual communities of people in various fields of endeavor wherein each community member has an interactive, personal profile containing information about that member.

For someone currently unknown reason the company was awarded the patent back in 2002, since the only site I could find stated VS Technologies is a “leading IT firm” it seems that this company has completely wasted their “invention” and is just another YAPT (Yet another Patent troll). VS Technologies is demanding damages be paid which should, another quote from the patent:

for Defendant’s infringement, which by law cannot be less than would constitute a reasonable royalty for the use of the patented technology, together with interest and costs as fixed by this Court.

Good Luck with that one. We have contacted Twitter for more information but they are yet to respond.

Collecta shuts product down, working on new one

Collecta the real-time search engine is shutting and down and getting ready to rebuild there product according to their CEO. Currently Collecta.com is a email portal to sign up for updates. It also has real-time streaming of images collected from Twitpic and Flickr, plus a quote from Mr. Franklin himself and their contact information. With most of 4.7 million in funding still in the bank the site has plenty of money to work with, plus most of the team is staying on board though co founder Jack Moffit will be engaged in other pursuits. Its also interesting that primary competitor OneRiot recently dumped real-time search and went to online ad gaming.

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