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Shoutitout down with major issues

Shoutitout is currently down and has been down for sometime now. Originally Shoutitout thought it was a minor issues like a server glitch as they posted in their status blog, but now the site is still having issues and Shoutitout has posted they are more major than originally anticipated. Shoutitout can’t make up its mind if it wants to have the downtime Twitter went threw as it was growing or not. Shoutitout had perfect uptime a few months ago but since then has had some downtime. This is actually a VERY bad downtime since Shoutitout usually only goes down for around 10 minutes. Previous to this Shoutitout had a major memory loss and of and on downtime on May 3rd. This downtime has been reported to be around 35 minutes of completely downtime but around 40 since the issues first came up. We are awaiting a promised technical explanation and will make a separate post or add to this one depending on when it comes. This is the first downtime of January 2011 for Shoutitout.

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