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Formspring gathers in some funding, also launches a button

Today Formspring.me the question and answer site picked up 11.5 million in funding. Right after this they also launched a button. The funding is led by Red Point ventures. In addition to this today the company is announcing the not really long awaited “Respond button.” Basically its like the Tweet, Like, Shout, Share, IM, Email button for formspring. We are currently attempting to find the button so we can post it live but intill then you are stuck with this preview.

Basically the button adds Q&A function to your site. Once you embed it, it will usually appear next to the Facebook Like button and the tweet button and any other you have on that strip of share buttons. When your reader clicks on it it will open a page asking the person a question about it, the question may be vague like “What do you think?” the downside is that you can’t see the other users comments on the article and it doesn’t make sense as to why you wouldn’t just comment on the article. Formspring.me has dipped in traffic sense spring but seems to be sticking around 22 million views per month. They are also about to hit the milestone of 2 billion responses.


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