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Shoutitout shows preview of new app

Shoutitout has just Shouted a picture of the, what we think is, homepage on the new app for the site. The Shout is embedded below. Shoutitout announced the new apps a few months ago and this is the most we have heard since then so all we can assume is that their about to start some type of testing since the app seems mostly complete. The app is complete with the ability to Shout, view all activity, Checkin, send and read messages, something titled “users” which we aren’t sure what that is, search, view your profile, and the awaited events feature. It also is equipped with the notifications feature Shoutitout recently launched. We have emailed Shoutitout and they have told us that a blog post with more preview pictures and information should be out sometime in the next few days and to stay tuned for more.


Whats this thing we are shouting


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