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New Yfrog wants to take over social sharing

Yfrog.com wants to go beyond being a site for sharing photos and hosting comments as today it launches a brand new version in beta. Yfrog now has a much more streamlined profile and is showing signs of a next generation Friendfeed (which is being awaited since Friendfeed has faded and Cliqset has shut down. The new Yfrog uses sites APIs to create profiles so you can view your whole social stream in one feed. You can also still upload photos and videos to Twitter but now using a new short URL, http://for.gy/. Even though Yfrog is mostly a Twitter product, they hope to extend to things like Facebook, Quora, Instagram, and even foodspotting. Yfrog is second in photo sharing to Twitpic but the hole Imageshack Yfrog network is about twice the size. Previews below.


One response to “New Yfrog wants to take over social sharing

  1. Lacresha Tarnoff July 16, 2011 at 5:51 am

    I have been going crazy the last fifteen min’s attempting to figure out how to sign up to your blog’s RSS – finally discovered that unlike Firefox the Google Chrome browser doesn’t handle feed subscription very well! Anyhow, subscribed now & keen to read your next posts. Cheers; Lacresha Tarnoff

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