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Flickr adds Tumblr to sharing sites

Flickr has added popular blog/microblog site Tumblr to the sites they allow you to one click share photos on (which currently includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger. They have pretty much revamped their sharing feature and its pretty impressive. This is big news for Tumblr who wrote a tumblog post about it on their staff account they were so excited. Flickr also posted a blog post about the updates auto share option. Tumblr has grown massively and has become mainstream recently as it grows. The site has had major downtime issues and has also had its own website war with image board 4chan. Which got attention on Twitter and Shoutitout and probably Facebook and Myspace to but we aren’t sure about those.
Facebook is the primary connect advertised by Flickr, followed by Twitter, but then its Tumblr, Yahoo Pulse (owned by the same company as Flickr) and Google owned Blogger (weird since Flickr is owned by Yahoo!) it also includes sites like Livejournal and WordPress.

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