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When is Instagram coming to Android?

Instagram is becoming a mainstream site with companies like Starbucks beginning to use it, but when is it going to get an Android app? Picplz, the sites largest competitor, is beginning to close in slowly, though it is still only 1/7th the size. Picplz has recently completely redesigned its apps and site and companies are beginning to notice it as well. A good example would be Youtube, though they don’t use Picplz often they do use it more than they do Isntagram. I’m expecting Picplz to maybe become the first site (excluding Facebook Myspace) to start afterwards on a new idea and end up becoming more popular than the original, this is a big prediction but without more platforms hosting Instagram it has less room to grow and Android is on its way to passing the iPhone though the new iPod touch will help expand Instagram for a while. Instagram does have a 3rd party app that lets you view photos that are popular but it doesn’t let you upload them which is what Android users are waiting for.


One response to “When is Instagram coming to Android?

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