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Shoutitout launches its own link shortener

As twitter has launched t.co, Facebook has launched fb.me, Youtube has launched youtu.be and many other sites have launched their own custom branded link shortener. Shoutitout is joining that club with their new personal link shortener sio.me. They have given users and API key accompanied with with a user name to shorten links from third party clients and are going to offer whitelisted account access to the shortener but a regular only user cannot currently access the shortening service. According to our sources close to Shoutitout an email should be sent to those users sometime today. The shortening service will start off just being used at will by whoever can and via 3rd party services. It will later be added to things like the forwarding to Twitter to replace the current shortened URL that is http://myshoutitout.com/s/6775487 for example to something like http://sio.me/hwZfBF (example on the Shoutitout blog).


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