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Tweetbot just shut Twitter up

In an era in which Twitter clients are a thing of the past, Tweetbot has launched, and pretty much shut Twitter up. If you’ve checked around Twitter allot recently then you know that allot of attention has been drawn to Tweetbot, also that its very very popular. Its a new Twitter for iPhone 3rd party app, and its very very good. Its so extremely good some people are planning on leaving Twitter’s own client to start using it. This is interesting because even though somewhat popular clients like Tweetdeck, Seesmic, and Echofon have their fans, Twitter for iPhone is a clear top iPhone app for Twitter ever since back when it was Tweetie, which is one of the reasons Twitter bought it in the first place and didn’t just make its own app. Its also interesting because Tweetbot isn’t free, its 1.99$ but apparently that doesn’t matter because people are still going insane over it. The back store is also interesting, it was a year ago yesterday that founder Mark Jardine wrote a blog post on Tapbots (the owning company) blog. They had some worries though, after working on the app for 3 months something happened, Twitter bough Tweetie. This got Tweetbot worried, in fact they even stated this on their blog:

Will they [Twitter] eventually kill all 3rd party iPhone/iPad clients to prevent confusion between their app and all the rest?

A year later that would happen, though Twitter didn’t exactly kill them. Twitter also added the “dickbar” sorry I meant”quickbar” but that was quickly removed. The reason it got our attention is because of the mix it throws into things. If Tweetbot does continue its mass attention will it pass Twitter’s official app, if it does will Twitter try to buy it? Will they limit or completer shut it down if it becomes a major competitor? Will UberMedia try to buy it?

Try Tweetbot here. (itunes link). Preview below:


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