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Youare shuts down, opens the door to Shoutitout

Youare.com has announced that it is shutting down after 4 years (since 2007). Youare.com will be sold by the owners of the site and you can email them to request it. This is of January 7th but we are just noticing it now because we don’t keep track of Youare because they rarely developed things. This, however, is big news. Youare.com was the only remaining Twitter competitor in between Shoutitout and Twitter that hosts pictures, videos, and location. Twitter had no problems smashing Youare’s hopes because Youare never was able to get its site to a decent speed. Shoutitout is a different store completely. Shoutitout has massive servers located all over the world that in till 2 days ago had been up over 40 days strait, though it is being kind of slugish right now. Shoutitout doesn’t really have an identified weakness, it really looks like they can compete with Twitter across the board (including mobile which Youare couldn’t do.) Youare has its closing page saying “The battle of the identity” well, from the looks, thats what its about to come.


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