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Shoutitout reaches 500,000 photos uploaded

Shoutitout has recently hit the 500,000 photos uploaded mark. Photo shouting has been around since the launch of Shoutitout but got popular last summer and has really taken off. It is second in attachments only to links (at last report) and today they reached the 500,000 landmark. The 500,000 shout is posted below. Shoutitout is closing in on 7 million Shouts, it also has an amazing index of 652,000,000 places indexed (the largest place database on the web) and both have only had minor issues. There are over 3 million links on Shoutitout but photos are posting 3 to 1 since the start of 2011. The site plans to hit 1,000,000 photos uploaded by February of 2012. Its also picking up in member growth and Shouts per day. The shutdown of Youare.com has also really left the door open so we will see what happens.


beta-back ride!

around 3 h ago,

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