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Tweetdeck revamps iPhone app

Tweetdeck has just launched a revamped Version 2.0 of its iPhone app. It has all the old features and some very nice brand new ones. It has taken “months of feverish work” to complete the app. This app isn’t just an major update however, it is a complete new app… the other apps have been removed from the app store but you need to go to the app store and search Tweetdeck to get this new app. Or just go here. A revamped iPad app is on its way as Tweetdeck spreads it new app but should take a few weeks to finish developing. The app allows extremely high tech column blending like mixing your Facebook news feed with your Foursquare check-ins and a Twitter list. It also has full support for Deck.ly which has been on Chrome, Android, and Desktop for a while now. Deck.ly is a branded unlimited length tweet services (like Twitlonger) but this is something interesting because we are told that Deck.ly is the kind of service Twitter hates the most and would do away with if it bought Tweetdeck. This video shows the new app:


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