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Tweetie officially no longer supports Shoutitout

Although its been almost a year since Tweetie stopped working on Shoutitout/since Twitter bought it today Shoutitout and Twitter announced officially that Twitter for iPhone will no longer support Shoutitout, neither will the Mac application. We’ve seen this coming and both sites are just casually announcing it like it was just a normal little meeting, but our sources say otherwise. Shoutitout is known for getting in company fights with very large internet companies and winning like Myspace. This one doesn’t seem like Shoutitout will win though because its a battle of money, and all though Shoutitout isn’t broke… Twitter is rich. Tweetie was the second most popular iPhone/iPod touch application so it did hurt Shoutitout when they stopped support Shoutitout. Now Twitter is in talks to buy Tweetdeck for 50 million and UberMedia is also going after it for 35 million. Well UberMedia owns Ubersocial and Twidroyd which still support Shoutitout so Shoutitout should be fine with that, but Tweetdeck is extremely popular on Shoutitout and is actually more used than the actual site is in the UK so if Tweetdeck takes support away from Shoutitout that will hurt their API, which has grown allot recently, massively. Shoutitout will somehow try and keep this from happening but this looks like a Twitter win from here. We will see though.


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