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Identica reaches 75 million notices

Failed Twitter competitor now example network of startup Statusnet, Identica, has reached a pretty decent sized milestone… 75 million notices, thats 75,000,000. The site has  been closing in on the milestone for a week now and we have been keeping our eyes on them to see when they hit it, well they did today.

The 75 millionth notice, as they call them, was posted at around 7 (pacific) this morning. The post is by “goodpolitics12” and stated “Some Illinois Public School Teachers Earning Six-Figure Salaries, But Not Many” with two links in it we won’t post here. The post was via Ping.fm which is a Seesmic owned company that we think is slowly falling to its death. It came from London but that is just a side note.

Identica goes all the way back to May 18th, 2008 when it first launched with the update of ” This is my first post.” By the user Evan, which is ironic the same first name of the primary founder of Twitter, Evan Williams (his last name is Prodromou however).

Identica hit 50 million (50,000,000) notices in September of last year, on 9/11 in fact. So if we do the math that means a little less than 100 thousand (100,000) notices a day since then, which is a decrees in between the 25 million and 50 million milestone marks. At this rate they should hit 100 million (100,000,000) notices on February 17th 2012.


Why Twitter is moving into the Photo business

Yesterday we reported that Twitter is launching a photosharing service, which has been confirmed, but we posted earlier that we weren’t sure if they were going to announce it at the D9 conference like the report said. Well we have gotten a little more information on it now. First of all, even though this is a direct attack on services like Twitpic and yfrog, Twitter has apparently reached out to them already, a long time ago, and informed them that they were moving into the business and that they should change what their services works on (maybe why Twitpic launched videos?) also we have learned that Twitter may be using the internally used domain at twimg.com that they have been using for some time now. The one thing we would like to note is that Twitter has had some issues staying up when it upscales but Twitter plans on hosting this new photo feature with Amazon 3s servers not their own. You will reportedly be able to upload strait from Twitter and a thumbnail of the photo will be shown in your Twitter feed, then you can click on it and it will show the photo as it does now when its posted from Twitpic, yfrog, etc.

We’ve heard from sources that Twitter is also likely to have a big time partner for this service, Apple. Specifically, Apple’s new iOS 5 5 will come with the option to share images to Twitter already in the OS. This would be the same, or similar to the way you can share Youtube video’s already, like shown in the thumbnail up above.

Apple announced today that it will be showcasing and launching the new iOS 5 for the first time at WWDC next week. This is why Twitter would want a services like this, and why they would want to get it live as soon as possible. We have no word from any other major photo players like Facebook and Flickr if about possible also being added to this new part of iOS 5 but it would make since, since they already have a deal for iPhoto with these companies. We will update you as this story continues to unfold, as i’m sure it will.

Twitter launches “Follow button”

Twitter has announced on its blog that it is launching a new feature called the Follow button. The button has the same design as the share on Twitter button but is like the Facebook like button in terms of functionality. According to Twitter more than 50 sites have added the follow button today and no surprise Justin Bieber’s website is one of them along with other artists like Lady Gaga and LMFAO, there is also several news corps like AOL and Wall Street Journal getting the new feature today. You can get your own follow button today here, you just have to enter in your username and select backround color and if to show your followers on the page you embed it or not. The button is listed in resources  and seems like a nifty new feature.

Is Twitter about to launch a photosharing service?

Yesterday word got out that Twitter was planning on launching an Photosharing service, today to be exact. Later “AllthingsD” reported that Twitter planned to announce the photosharing services (possibly called twitphoto.me, a URL that someone has bought in the last 24 hours and redirected to their site) at the D9 conference later this week. Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO, is currently set to speak at the conference on Wednesday, so that does make sense. However, now one of the Founders of Twitter Evan Williams has Tweeted that “How does a story that says “was not able to get sources to confirm” have a headline starting with, “Confirmed:”?” With a link to the AllthingsD article about the matter. This doesn’t lead us to believe that the services isn’t coming, we are pretty sure it is, it just might not be coming at the D9 conference and may not be coming for a little while now since the matter has gotten mainstream attention.

Yammer adds badges and Videos

Yammer, the enterprise social network creator, is adding two new pretty impressive features that need noting. First of all there adding in-line videos. You can attach them like you would attach a word document and it will show and play the video in the feed, users can then comment, and like the video. Users can also look threw all the videos that have been uploaded and search for videos by keyword. Yammer has stated that the video player is HTML 5 compatible and will play on the web browsers on the iPhone and iPad. Yammer’s second new features is something called “Praise.” This new application allows you to award other users with badges. Users will be able to see all the badges they have earned, and there co-workers have earned, on their profile pages. These features may not be huge but it supports the fact that Yammer wants to become the Facebook of enterprises and that is becoming less and less like Twitter and more and more like Facebook.

Twitter finishes deal with AdGrok

As we reported yesterday Twitter was close to finalizing a deal with AdGrok, the have done that and AdGrok is now part of Twitter.

When Twitter approached us and asked if we’d be interested in working on their monetization platform, we realized that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up

AdGrok came out of beta just 2 months ago, it basically is a tool that simplifies use of Google AdWords. Starting today the AdGrok team is going to start work full time on the Twitter revenue engineering team. If we had to guess they’ll be working on Twitter’s new upcoming self-served advertising feature that may be similar to AdWords. AdGrok will be shut down after June 30th, after then its services will no longer exist.

Shoutitout starts redirecting iPhone users to new mobile site

Moments ago Shoutitout started redirecting i ts iPhone users to its brand new HTML5 mobile site that we have been waiting to get a good look at. The site has an events page, view your profile page, and it even allows you to check-in. The site also has some features the old mobile site did not, like forwarding to Twitter and Facebook and login via them as well. Plus you can join from this mobile site as if you are using the web to join. The @shoutitoutmobile account Shouted moments ago that this was coming and we immanently checked it out. Something else that has been upgraded is the way photos are shown, this has become big on Shoutitout as there are a little more than 800,000 photos on Shoutitout and this feature has erupted since the death of Osama Ben Ladin. The new mobile site is also loaded with features like refresh button that the app has had for a while but the mobile site has not. You can still use the old mobile site if you wish according to Shoutitout, and it will not work at the moment for all iPhone and iPods but should within the next few days. Shoutitout has made the news today as well, it looked like today would be all Twitter. Guess we were wrong.

Twitter close to acquiring AdGrok

We have been informed that Twitter is close to acquiring Y Combinator-back key word bidding platform AdGrok. The deal for AdGrok is supposedly less than 10 million. It is unclear if they’re close to closing the process of an acquisition or if this is an acqui-hire. AdGrok itself is built to automate the bidding on contextual keywords on Google Adwords, so if this is an acquisition it will be related to Promoted trends/Tweets (or maybe it is a sign of advertising on the upcoming Twitter photo sharing service). Twitter seems to be in a dominate all mode right now getting allot of attention from the media. Something interesting is: The last person Twitter corporate developing executive Jessica Verrilli followed on Twitter was AdGrok Co-founder Argyis Zymins. AdGrok is yet to respond to our emails.

Twitter launching its own photosharing service

Twitter has been pretty clear about where developers should stake their claim in the Twitter ecosystem stating to not build “client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience.Well if thats true, Twitpic and yfrog can just give up now, along with every other photosharing threw Twitter service. According to several sources (and Techcrunch’s sources) Twitter is getting ready to launch its own Twitpic competitor and may announce tomorrow (articles about this going out may change that, naturally.) This isn’t a surprise as Twitter has been slowly taking over its API’s job, first with it launching mobile apps and updating its mobile site, then with it buying Tweetdeck. This is just the next step in its take over. We have no information on what it will look like or what it will be called, if anything it may be called twitphoto.me, which we don’t really get, but if it is that domain will be snatched up soon most likely (it isn’t now according to Godaddy). All we do know is that its coming soon, and if they’re serious about earning revnue there will be ads on it.

Cliqset founder to launch “Glow”

Founder of Cliqset, Darren Bounds, has turned his eyes to another project he is working on. Glow is still in stealth mode but according to Bounds its basically Twitter, combined with Facebook and “some of his own ideas mixed in.” The service will include Likes, @mentions, privet group messaging all in real-time. It will carry in some of the feature that Cliqset used like Activity Streams, Salmon, PubSubHubbub, and Portable Contacts. Bounds says he is taking the approach that Dispora, Statusnet, or OneSocialWeb has of allowing users to control most of the privacy and giving them ownership of all the content on there profile. The interesting thing? Bounds doesn’t plan on building a company around Glow. The reason? Well we can’t be sure but if we had to guess he dosen’t want to put it threw what Cliqset went threw, it seemed like it was growing but had very little actual we activity on Cliqset.com forcing it to the deadpool. We believe that this means perhaps he will base it around your Facebook and Twitter’s feed allowing allot less activity on the network but still encouraging it. It will be interesting to get a look at Glow, luckily we won’t have to wait that long, the first set of invites for Glow is rolling out in the next 2 weeks.

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