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The internet erupted over Ben Ladens death

The death of Osama Ben Laden not only was big news, it nearly crashed the whole internet. We will start with Yahoo! Yahoo! saw a major spike in searches once the news of Ben Laden was out, this was one of the biggest recent mass search days that Yahoo! has had and was good for there moral as it had seemed no one used Yahoo! anymore.

Now we will just go to the regular internet, which saw a major spike in views once the news got out as people scrambled to find out as much information as they can.

Now, Shoutitout, which saw over 60,000 Shouts within 10 hours (3rd most ever) and saw 20,000 Shouts per hour (2nd most ever) they also saw over 3,000 photos Shouted, and a record amount of videos shouted as the internet went crazy over the news.

Lastly Twitter, which saw its most ever sustained tweets per hour record broken by the news with 4,000 tweets a second and at one point were as high as 5,106.


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