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Was the Osama outbreak the biggest outbreak in internet history?

I’m not going to deny that things like Donovan’s world cup goal and the earthquakes in Japan weren’t big on the internet, but last nights internet eruption over the death of Osama Ben Laden might have been the biggest eruption the internet has ever seen. Certain news sites got 4 million views a minute. Twitter had its biggest night ever, Facebook was overloaded with updates and new pages being created, Shoutitout was flooded with students expressing them selfs, Path was almost all news related, Obama’s Flickr album was overloaded with views of the situation room during the operation. Ever site on the internet had something to do with the death announcement. A little over 50% of the United States population found out about the death over the internet. I’m sure if 9/11 would’ve happened with the popularity of social networks now it would’ve been just as big, probably bigger but we think this might be the biggest outbreak of the internet. You know what the amazing part about it was? None of the major social networks or news sites went down. Though Twitter had some timestamp issues, Shoutitout had to disable trending topics, and ABC and CNN had some issues overall the internet stayed mostly as it does on any normal day. This also brings up the question of, will the next form on terrorism be internet? I guess we will find out.


One response to “Was the Osama outbreak the biggest outbreak in internet history?

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