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Port Partners to give 5 million to a “twitter competitor”

Port Partners has announced it has 5.5 million in Series B funding to give to a company it deems as a “Twitter competitor.” The idea is to help the less fortunate companies gather more money to have a chance to compete with the social giant. Port Partners is “considering all sites” but sources close to the funding firm have told us they have 3 sites in interest. Statusnet, Shoutitout, and Yammer. The odd part about that is the only site that is a social network is Shoutitout. The other two allow you to create your own networks. If that gives them an advantage or not, we don’t know, but they could use the money has they gather up the weapons for a showdown, which they might be hoping for, with Twitter. Some other sites thats names did come up in the meeting were Qaiku, which, though it has a much nicer design, seems to be heading in the direction of another site that was on the list, Youare.com. The only other site mentioned was the Asian popular network, Plurk. We will see how this turns out and keep you updated.


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