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As the super-injunction rolls on, Twitter gets its guy for London

Despite being involved in the UK’s controversial row about injunctions that gag press but not Twitter users, Twitter is going to go ahead and use plans to open up an office in London. Twitter’s first UK post man, Tony Wang, moves there from San Fransisco this week, according to his own tweets. The only question is where in London the office will be. It started hiring back in February and we have guessed that Twitter will use a London base to suck talent out of Google’s UK HQ. Google has also opened another office in Victoria of 160,000 square feet. However, it looks like this isn’t the plans for this new office as Wang is, as his profile suggests – “I work at Twitter doing deals.” So this means that the London office will be focused on sales and deals if we had to guess. The official Twitter UK account, @TwitterUK account is talking about office design. Facebook plays it as follows: small sales office in London and its European HQ is in Dublin. Just to note, Twitter just bought Tweetdeck and that is Headquarted in London.


2 responses to “As the super-injunction rolls on, Twitter gets its guy for London

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