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Shoutitout gets a little more like Facebook

Shoutitout has just removed the @mentions for comments. Shoutitout originally defaulted to the Twitter view but gave you the option to show comments below the Shout, like Facebook does updates. Then when version 2.0 launched Shoutitout set that as the default but allowed the other view as well. Then sometime in March they removed the Twitter like view and made all users stick to Facebook’s like view (which they called “Threaded”) but even then the @mention still showed up before the comment. In till today, Shoutitout has announced on its new feature blog it has removed the @mentions from the website only. They will still pop up on the apps and mobile sites for now. We are unsure about the API at the moment. This will change but not yet as these are updated in versions not pieces at the time. This moves Shoutitout closer to Facebook (as events did) and continues to change things from Twitter.


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