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Twitter curse dooms idol again

As Scotty McCreery won American Idol last night, and as usual Twitter predicted the winner in a strange way. It is called the “Twitter curse” every year, every round, the singer with the most tweets mentioning them has been voted off the show, all the way back to 2007. Also sure enough as you can see below Lauren Alaina got allot more tweets than the eventual winner, Scotty McCreery. The thing you may or may not notice is even though she had way more tweets, she had allot more neutral and negative tweets but they both had a close amount of positive tweets. This doesn’t mean that Twitter users actually tweet more about people the dislike it just means they tweet less about the person they voted for. Facebook, Myspace, and Shoutitout, along with the radio predicted idol more accurately. McCreery’s Facebook page got more likes yesterday and his Myspace page was friended almost 3 times as much as Alaina’s. He also got almost 200 times more mentions on Shoutitout than Alaina (#idolfinale is currently trending) even on the radio his song was aired more than Alaina’s.


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