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Foursquare and Facebook will remain on Tweetdeck

So, the Twitter Tweetdeck acquisition rumors have been confirmed, finally. All that leaves now is a hole bunch of questions. The biggest one? What will Twitter do to Tweetdeck? We have been in contact with Twitter and they have finally told us this. Foursquare and Facebook features of Tweetdeck will be remaining on Tweetdeck. Facebook is very popular on Tweetdeck, not as popular as Twitter but still, popular. Foursquare is more crud and used allot less but Twitter has decided to leave it. The main reason they have decided to leave these features are to keep Tweetdeck competing with rival companies that are similar to it like Seesmic and Hootsuite. There is no word on, however, if Myspace, Google Buzz, and Shoutitout support will remain on Tweetdeck. Myspace is declining rapidly and this last acquisition attempt might be its last hope. Google Buzz was “Google finally doing social media right” but it has fallen threw, just like all of Google’s social projects. Shoutitout is the interesting one, its a young site starting to get noticed but Twitter has taken a disliking towards it. Tweetie also offered support for Shoutitout in till Twitter bought it, it then cut support causing somewhat of a rivalry between the two social networks. We will continue to update you as this story unfolds, it should be rather interesting.


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