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Pingfm slowly declining, Hellotxt just the opposite

Pingfm was growing rapidly and becoming something of an popular site. It basically offers a way for its users to post to almost every social network on the internet, or it did. Pingfm was purchased by popular client Seesmic. Seemsic has since, pretty much just left Pingfm alone. Shortly after it was acquired Pingfm cut most of the services it allows posting to, for example Shoutitout. It was the most popular 3rd party service on Shoutitout and it was Pingfm’s 3rd most popular network to post to (behind Facebook and Twitter). The reason Pingfm cut support for Shoutitout? Seesmic Android was about to launch it and they wanted to cut down on the competition and have people looking for another client to use. This wouldn’t be the first time Seesmic has done this. It did a similar thing with Twhirl which was extremely popular across all the social networks it supported. Pingfm’s visits have been declining rapidly, the site I think will replace it? Hellotxt. Hellotxt has gotten popular on Shoutitout, the site Pingfm got popular on before it took off. It has also launched some new features like a mobile site, its much more mobile than Pingfm ever was. Hellotxt is keeping a strait line of traffic at the moment but Pingfm has dropped down to its size and is still dropping as the chart below shows.


2 responses to “Pingfm slowly declining, Hellotxt just the opposite

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  2. Richard Ward (@m3th4mp) February 6, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    I think the decline in related services has to do with OEMs releasing broadcast apps and widgets by default with their devices (HTC Sense, LG Social+, etc.) which post to multiple social networks, thus eliminating the need for these types of web services.

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