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Shoutitout starts redirecting iPhone users to new mobile site

Moments ago Shoutitout started redirecting i ts iPhone users to its brand new HTML5 mobile site that we have been waiting to get a good look at. The site has an events page, view your profile page, and it even allows you to check-in. The site also has some features the old mobile site did not, like forwarding to Twitter and Facebook and login via them as well. Plus you can join from this mobile site as if you are using the web to join. The @shoutitoutmobile account Shouted moments ago that this was coming and we immanently checked it out. Something else that has been upgraded is the way photos are shown, this has become big on Shoutitout as there are a little more than 800,000 photos on Shoutitout and this feature has erupted since the death of Osama Ben Ladin. The new mobile site is also loaded with features like refresh button that the app has had for a while but the mobile site has not. You can still use the old mobile site if you wish according to Shoutitout, and it will not work at the moment for all iPhone and iPods but should within the next few days. Shoutitout has made the news today as well, it looked like today would be all Twitter. Guess we were wrong.


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